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Snakebusters are rated Australia's best for:

Corporate shows

For the ultimate corporate reptile party entertainment, corporate parties and similar it has to be Snakebusters and Australia's only hands-on reptiles shows.  While other companies will let you have a “meet and greet” only at your event, Snakebusters lets the guests of honour hold the reptiles during the best snake parties in Australia.  Whether for a product launch, company team building, or pretty much anything else, when it comes to the ultimate corporate parties, nothing beats Snakebusters corporate reptile parties Melbourne.

Corporate christmas entertainment Melbourne

For the most awesome corporate christmas shows, corporate events and corporate entertainment it still has to be Snakebusters.  Anything is is dull and boring by comparison. The downside is that it seems that everyone in Melbourne wants to book Snakebusters, for their company christmas parties so it's best to get in as fast as you can, or else you may miss out. Wild, but safe, that's the deal when you get the best reptile show in Melbourne Victoria for your corporate christmas parties.

Teenager parties Melbourne

If you can entertain teens or tweens, then you can entertain anyone. It usually not easy to entertain teenage kids with the teenager attitude. Snakebusters will give you the ultimate entertainment for this hard to please audience. Whether it's a birthday party bash, end of school year event or whatever, the hands-on reptiles of Snakebusters engages the crowd of teens like few other party activities can. "Hands-off" reptile displays may please a younger audience of toddlers or similar, but teenagers, tweens and young adults will want to get hands-on and hold the animals at their teenager reptile parties, birthdays and other events. Remember, only Snakebusters does this at their Melbourne teenager parties.

reptile parties

For the only kids reptile show in Melbourne that allows the children to hold the animals, it's got to be Snakebusters.  While cost usually means we don’t do kids reptile displays, childrens birthday parties and the like outside of Victoria, within metro Melbourne Snakebusters are always the most wanted wildlife educators for chilren and reptile parties.

Reptile shows Melbourne

Only Snakebusters and Raymond Hoser, the Australian snake man, has a risk free venomous reptile display.  No one else in the whole of Australia has veterinary surgeon certified, surgically devenomized (venomoid) snakes.  This means the handler and the audience are totally safe. Better yet the snakes don’t need to be forcibly restrained and attacked with metal sticks, tongs and other devices that may cause injury to the snakes.  The result is always the best reptile shows in Melbourne, Victoria.

Reptile party Melbourne

No kid's reptile parties beats a Snakebusters reptile party. Hands-on and with frogs, crocs, snakes, lizards and more for your children will beat any other form of activity or entertainment. If you want the ultimate reptile party experience for your next reptile show it must be Snakebusters. While based in Melbourne, Victoria, we do go everywhere. The only issue is cost. Travel adds to the bill. However, you pay for what you get and with Snakebusters, you get Australia's best reptiles. Demand Melbourne's best reptile party for your next kids birthday party anywhere in Victoria.

Wildlife parties Melbourne

A wildlife party with Snakebusters is wild in more ways than one. Besides the Snakebusters animals, there's also the human animals that are also wild. As it happens, most, if not all the Snakebusters wildlife at their shows are anything but "wild". They are tame and captive born and bred. But getting back to the kids, adults, or in-betweens, many go wild at the chance to have a Snakebusters wildlife party in Melbourne. Demand Melbourne's best wildlife parties for your next birthday party, adult party or teenager event.

snake parties Melbourne

Snakes scare some people and yet others are bezotted by them. Either way, it makes for the most fiery combination for a party. A snakebusters snake party will enthrall kids, teens and adults. While we don't allow people to chase one another with snakes, (yes they are living things), we often do the same thing with rubber snakes made in China just to add a bit of fun at one or more guest's expense. Yes, Snakebusters have a sense of humor, and if you are easily offended, don't book us. For a dull and boring snake party, book someone else. On the other hand, if you want fast, exciting fun and to get the correct facts the first time, insist on Snakebusters, Australia's best reptiles for your kids snake parties Melbourne in Victoria.

snake handling courses

Whether in Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, Perth or New Guinea, we can come to you to give you Australia’s best snake handler course.  We do the only hands-on snake handling courses in Australia, where people get to hold and handle the snakes as opposed to watching a (usually novice) teacher doing it only.  Travelling to every state in Australia, including Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory, the Australian snake man Raymond Hoser does reptile courses for groups and individuals.

snake handler Melbourne

If you find a snake in your back yard and you live anywhere in Melbourne, Victoria, it pays to get a local snake catcher to come and get it. It also makes sense to get one who knows how to find the reptile. This is because more often than not, the snake has fled before the snake catcher arrives. While Raymond Hoser is easily the most experienced snake removalist in Melbourne, he can't always come and catch the snake. However he's trained many of the "second best" snake catchers in the world and has expert snake controllers on call all over Melbourne. So who ya gonna call for your next snake handler in Melbourne?

Snake Man

Raymond Hoser has been known as Australia's snakeman for over 40 years! Yes he owns the registered trademark as well, so bootleggers beware. While Raymond used to be casual about others using the trademark, this is no longer the case. Following a decade of attacks by inexperienced imitators who have littered the web and elsewhere with false statements about Raymond Hoser, Hoser's had no choice but to enforce his rights to protect his impeccable reputation. The snakeman is known to be the best at what he does. Trademark rights are enforced to ensure that novices using "killer tongs" and other cruel devices don't tarnish the good name built up over a generation.  The snake man has done world leading scientific research work in, the Northern Territory, Gold Coast, Brisbane and West Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and overseas locations like the USA, Europe and Africa. He’s even known outside Australia as the snake man.

Snake catchers in Melbourne

Snake catchers are often needed in Melbourne. Whether for a snake caught inside the house, stuck in bird-netting, hanging about on the back doorstep or wherever, Snakebusters are the only 24/7 snake catcher in Melbourne. Sure there are other reptile handlers who'll advertise that they are open 24/7, but if you try calling them outside daytime hours, chances are their phones will be turned off, or you'll get put onto an answering machine. In other words, there's only one snake catchers Melbourne Victoria worth calling!