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Raymond Hoser is Australia's best known authority on reptiles.
That's why he's called the Snake Man!
He also is the person who owns Snakebusters, independently rated as Australia's best reptiles ® shows, courses and childrens parties with reptiles. Click on the linked image to the right for the Snakebusters ® webpage.
Snakebusters are the only hands-on reptiles ® shows in Australia where audience are allowed to hold animals. Less experienced imitators only allow "show and tell" or boring so-called "static displays". Snakebusters are also the only vet surgeon certified and guaranteed safe deadly snake shows in the world, with surgically devenomized snakes, proven so by testing (on people) over the last ten years! Yes the deadly snakes he's holding in the photo to the right have bitten him many times and he remains alive to tell the story. It's alleged that the snake man tastes of cucumbers and lettuces!


The snakeman and the team from Snakebusters travel everywhere for TV documentaries and scientific research.
They also conduct snake catching courses, major events, mall shows and similar Australia-wide.
For childrens birthday parties and kid's school incursions, Snakebusters are the dominant player in our home town of Melbourne, Victoria and for obvious reasons, but cost and time commitments generally precludes bookings outside Victoria.
To book Snakebusters for any of the above, it is best to telephone.
At the same time we'll confirm important information and answer questions.
You can call any time, but we prefer between 8 AM and 10 PM Melbourne, Victoria, Australia time.
Landline +61 (03) 9812-3322
Mobile: +61 0412-777-211
Second Mobile: +61 0411-959-455

Non-urgent email inquiries to Snakebusters and the snake man Raymond Hoser must be made by typing into your e-mail program the e-mail address in the following NON-LINKED IMAGE:

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